Recipe by Chef Kamal Mouzawak
Tabbouleh recipe
In Lebanon, there can be no mezze or dinner party or holiday celebration without tabbouleh ! And each family has its very own version. Kamal Mouzawak used to favour a crunchy version, until he found out that the hearty and moist bulgar version is more easily digested. Here is his personal tabbouleh recipe – as everyone must have his / hers – to be eaten with lettuce leaves, white cabbage, or – even better – young, fresh, tender vine leaves. And Kamal Mouzawak’s mother used to have hers every Sunday with a bunch of green pepper leaves.
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Ingredients (To serve 4)

– 2 bunches flat-leaf parsley (300 gr / 10 oz)
– 1 small bunch mint leaves (75 gr / 2.5 oz)
– 4 small green onions
– 1 big red tomato
– ½ glass thin bulgar
– lemon juice (2 lemons)
– 1/3 glass olive oil
– salt, mild pepper
– romaine lettuce or white cabbage leaves
Cut parsley and select leaves to arrange into bunches. Cut mint leaves.
Wash parsley, mint, tomato and green onions – allow to dry thoroughly
Wash bulgar, dry, then add just enough water to cover it.
Dice tomato and add to bulgar.
Mince parsley, mint, and add to tomato and bulgar.
Finally, mince green onions, rub in salt and pepper and add to the rest.
Season the tabbouleh by adding lemon juice, olive oil and salt to taste.
Seasoning and sides
The tabbouleh must be generously seasoned, but not drowned in liquids. It should be a crisp, mildly lemoney salad.
It is served with romaine lettuce or white cabbage leaves – they must be crisp and tender.
Tabbouleh principles according to Kamal Mouzawak

– A tabbouleh must be rich in parsley
– There is no parsley but flat-leaf
– There is no other grain than bulgar
– Tabbouleh and couscous do not mix – they don’t even know each other. Never !
– Any variant, variation, adaptation or interpretation is welcome, but for the love of tabbouleh, find other names for your creations !