Recipe by Chef Foucade
(c) Photo Foucade
Recipe of banana and lime cake
Inspired by memories of the banana cakes Marjorie used to eat when she was living in the US, this cake plays on a variety of tastes : the full round taste of bananas and the sharpness of lime. Among other ingredients, panela (unrefined, mineral-rich, whole brown sugar) brings a light hint of black treacle and liquorice. And the wholegrain rice flour, which is the base element of all of Foucade's sweet creations, is mixed with chestnut flour, chosen for its distinctive hazelnut taste and high fiber content.
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Ingredients for a loaf pan of approx. 25 x 5 cm / 10” x 2”

– Egg yolk 20 gr / ¾ oz
– Egg white 40 gr / 1.5 oz
– Panela / rapadura 20 gr / ¾ oz
– Rape oil 40 gr / 1.5 oz
– Ripe bananas 150 gr / 5 oz
– Sieved whole rice flour 40 gr / 1.5 oz
– Sieved chestnut flour 20 gr / ¾ oz
– Sieved baking powder 1.5 gr / 1/30 oz
– Lime zest 4 gr / 1/8 oz
Pre-heat oven to 160° C / 320 F / 5-6.
Line leaf pan with baking paper.
Beat egg yolk with lime zest and half rapadura with beater or whisk until mix is thick and firm.
Slice bananas and mix with rape oil until mix is smooth (no lumps).
Pour the egg yolk – zest – rapadura mix into the banana – rape oil batter and mix thoroughly.
Whip egg white to a light mousse, then add rest of rapadura.
Add one quarter of whipped egg white mousse to the batter, then add sieved flours and whisk together.
Add rest of egg white mousse and mix gently.
Pour into leaf pan and bake at 160° C / 320 F / 5-6 for approx. 35 minutes.