Recipe by Chef Frédéric Simonin
Autumn Candele

In keeping with his commitment for sustainable farming and food processing, Chef Frédéric Simonin offers a recipe with meticulously picked ingredients. First-rate ones too, as the restaurant that bears his name has been awarded one Michelin star. Find below his recipe for candele (large macaroni) stuffed with a porcini and autumn truffle marmalade, with foie gras butter and touches of gold leaf.

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Ingredients for the light stuffing
  • 200 gr / 7 oz minced veal or chicken
  • 80 gr / 3 oz egg whites
  • 150gr / 5 oz cream
Mix all ingredients to make the stuffing.
Ingredients for candele stuffing
  • Candele – large macaroni
  • 900 gr / 2 lb diced and pan-fried porcini mushrooms
  • 8 gr / 0.3 oz thyme flowers
  • 100 gr / 3.5 oz sundried shallots
  • 60 gr / 2 oz mashed white garlic
  • 30 gr / 1 oz mashed sundried garlic
  • 5 spoons meat gravy
  • 120 gr / 4 oz light stuffing (as described above)
  • 90 gr / 3 oz chopped truffle
  • Ground nutmeg
  • Gold leaf
  • Salt and pepper
Cook pasta in milk and water – do not forget to add salt (10 gr per litre) – for 9 minutes.
Once they have cooled down, cut candele into shorter pieces and stuff the pieces with the candele stuffing in the middle and the light stuffing at each end.
Ingredients for foie gras butter
  • Veal stock
  • Truffle juice
  • Foie gras butter
  • Madeira wine

Reduce veal stock and add truffle juice. Reduce again.
Add sieved foie gras butter and whisk until smooth.
Season to taste and add a dash of Madeira wine and some truffle juice if necessary.
Allow stuffed candele to gently heat up in chicken stock and become slightly glazed or shiny.
Place them on a grill and paste them with foie gras butter. Add stock.
Add chopped truffle (use a cookie cutter), gold leaf, truffle oil and fleur de sel.